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  1. Gah first time Pking in a week or two, and smacked tf outta envy as usual . Gratz Masked men

    1. Lankz


      Nothing has changed since you’ve gone 😛 envy still shit 

  2. Stay strong my masked men, I will see you guys all real soon. Much love and respect ❤️

  3. Major shout out too my Bois in the masks. Ty for making today's recruitment trip.! Much more too come

  4.  fucking job today boys we set out with 1 intention, too fuck envy and we did that!! vid uploaded soon


  5. Be on in 2 hours my lovely masked [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] We fucking Envy today+ whoever wants to step

  6. Bruthers keep pushing that 85+ cb 95+ in all cb stats myself included. lets fucken get it!!

  7. Be on today ladies.! Time too throw them masks on .!!!

  8. Better be ready for tomorrow!!! Keep training up Masked Men

  9. Big Mini vs Apex bruthers Gl Lets get this W

  10. L Envy tryna pipe up, Smite them hoes when you get a chance

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nate


      Lel throw on them 15s and smack em silly

    3. WK MAGIC

      WK MAGIC

      18 minutes ago, Helpers said:

      smite them in f2p they don't do p2p


    4. itz ya boi

      itz ya boi

      Envy i thought was Xlpc f2p clan

  11. Great job today bruthers!!! We never had less then 27 opp count during every fight. We stronk. Be on tomorrow 2pm est for p2p trip.!!

  12. Vendetta #1 BTW

  13. Great work today Bois, successful all around! Most active LPC btw 


  14. Easy Wins! Gratz on smoking WAR