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  1. Gj vs sup today!

  2. Let’s Keep improving p2p!! Thanks for all who showed up!

  3. Good job fucking envy!!

  4. 2 P.M. est today be on!

  5. Ryan ignored my call

  6. Be on tmrw 2 pm est!!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your day

  8. @Player0ne dipped and we won the mini coincidence?

    1. Player0ne


      yes it is a coincidence nothing else

  9. Let’s win this prep for @Ryan birthday cuz he got nothing else goin for him 😘

  10. Happy birthday @Ryanhe ain’t fat he big boned

  11. Make sure EVERYONE is checking forums and posting!!! Make sure you join the Discord and stay idle'd for lots of events!!! VOTE ON THE PREP AND WEEKEND TOPIC!!! 

  12. Be on tomorrow 2 pm est for official p2p trip!